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ETHC is designed to be a platform that facilitates sharing and trading of Smart Contracts over the Ethereum Blockchain. Combining the concept of sharing economy, with the business model of an online marketplace, we aim to create a platform whereby people globally can trade, exchange or share smart contracts easily, and most importantly with trust and security.


MyEtherscan is a Blockchain Explorer for transactions made on the Ethereum platform. A BlockExplorer is basically a search engine that allows users to easily search and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Platform.

EMS Chat

Imagine a Platform that allows you to chat with your friends, start a private conversation for more secrecy with end-to-end encryption, keep track of meetings and also provide user-to-user Cryptocurrency transaction.

EMS Chat is the world’s first Ethereum blockchain chat system which contains a wallet that holds ETH and ETHC currencies with many more to come. It enables users to send and receive these cryptocurrencies using the EMS chat platform, also using this chat application, users can send and receive locations, files, voice messages, video messages, images and contact information.

EMS Chat is the perfect example of how a chat platform can create just the right environment for businesses to connect with the right people. It is created to meet the everyday needs of our users.

Ethereum ATM (EATM)

The Ethereum ATM allows users to securely withdraw, deposit and exchange different types of ERC20 tokens including ETHC.